A Grade Building and Repiling
Wellington member of Roofing Association, Certified builder, licensed building practitioner


I am asked many times by valued potenial clients to complete building reports by other companies that don't have the professional know how or ability to do so. What I mean is, is that if a property inspector suspects there is something wrong with the foundations on a house, he refers them to A Grade Building and Repiling to comment, inspect and basicully finish their report. We can do so for you by doing a free assessemnt via email or phone call {if I have time}. Otherwise it would be a one off cost of $550.00 +Gst to do a site visit, undertake ground testing, and provide a report and quotation. Good news is, is if there is work required, and A Grade are retained to undertake same, this cost is reinbursed in full upon completion and final invoice. 

Repiling and Foundations - Wellington, NZ