A Grade Building and Repiling
Wellington member of Roofing Association, Certified builder, licensed building practitioner


Are you qualified to do specialist foundation work?


Yes, we sure are, 28 years’ experience.


Are your quotations free?

Yes, unless we need to undertake specialised ground test and as long as work is actually required. If you are merely interested, an on phone consultation will normally set you right.



How long does repiling a house take?

Can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on many mitigating circumstances. Robert will be able to give you more of an idea after consultation via phone, email or onsite evaluation.



What does repiling a house cost?

Costs vary greatly depending on depth to solid ground, distance from road and difficulty to get to house, size of house and what’s required. Cost range would be $1,500.00excl gst {minimum charge} to $40,000.00excl gst.



What length of warranty do you provide on work?

We provide 10 years on workmanship and 20 years on materials.



Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes we do, minimum charge is set at $1,500excl gst.



Do you undertake uplifting of building consent if it’s required?

Yes, in all circumstances. Owner is welcome to do so, but it can be cost productive to let A Grade do so, as we have the industry expertise to do so at quicker and at cheaper cost to you.



What are the values one might expect after completion of repiling with A Grade?

Resale value because a bonafide contractor with online references was used, capital improvement value, a steady floor and peace of mind knowing work was completed with a warranty period attached.



Are there any other Certified Builders or Registered Master Builders repiling currently on Wellington area?




Do you have references that can be viewed?

Yes, please visit nocowboys.co.nz (link - http://www.nocowboys.co.nz/businesses/a-grade-building-repiling-ltd) to view.



How long have you been in business?

A Grade Building and Repiling were incorporated in 1996.



What sort of experience has Robert got as far as the construction/foundation specialist side of things go?

Robert left school in 1984 and then undertook a 4/four year 8000hour apprenticeship. He then worked for various companies for 2 years, and then most importantly, worked for Wellingtons most qualified Repiler, Denis J Morgan for 4/four years, as his foreman. Denis has since retired.



What is underpinning?

Underpinning is excavating under a foundation wall, then proceeding down to solid ground and filling hole with concrete. This is done where existing concrete foundation wall is not founded on solid ground and is sub-siding.



When would an inspection be best booked?

Robert usually looks at work on Saturday morning as that’s the time that clients will most likely be home and he isn’t in fact working under someone’s house.



What type of equipment does Robert and his gang use?

We use the latest equipment and specialised lifting gear.



If I have more questions who do I ask?

Please call Robert on 021389290, you can be assured you will be talking to the boss and he is more than happy to put you on right track.