A Grade Building and Repiling
Wellington member of Roofing Association, Certified builder, licensed building practitioner



When comparing apples with apples as the saying goes, its always wise to know what questions need to be asked, especially by someone that has not repiled a house before, to facilitate both an even playing field, and top rate work. Here are some questions to keep everyone honest.


  1. Do they belong to either one of Certified Builders Assoc or Registered Master Builders assoc? We are member's of New Zealand Certified Builders Assoc.
  2. Are the people undertaking the work licensed building practitioners, or do they employ someone else not associated with their company, thereby not being liable if anything were to go wrong? We are licensed and wholly responsible.
  3. Do they remove all old Totara piles and replace with new piles in same place? We do and include disposal of same. 
  4. Do they level house? You need to get this in writing as some use hollow promises. We will do our absolute best to do so. Sometimes due to age and past work undertaken, this can not be acheived without going further than the quoted price. We can discuss this with you at consultation. 
  5. What type of warranty do they provide, is it in writing? We guarantee ALL work for a period of Ten (10) years and yes, most certainly it is in writing.
  6. Check companies register to make sure they have not been bankrupted, or are trading illegally. A new company will most likely be dodgy.  
  7. Do they have references? We do, please check www.nocowboys.co.nz 
  8. Ask to see past work. Contact the clients last worked for. We can supply as many past clients as required with at least 48 hours notice.
  9. Ask duration of work. You don't want a tradesman to take forever to do job as they have 2 more going at same time.
  10. Can they trench underneath house to do work rather than cut holes through floor. We can trench under if required and are only foundation specialists in NZ that do. 
  11. Do they do due diligence prior to handing over quotation? The price you receive should be the price you pay based on depth to solid ground. We undertake Scala penetrometer testing (at your cost-this is totally reinbursed upon completion of work) prior so there as no excuses to suddenly lump an additional $10,000 on to bill, because they didn't do due diligence and want you to pay for their "mistake".